Small but important changes!


Operational Changes

Following tighter restrictions imposed on us all, by the government last week, Thurs 24th Sep, we have been working hard to see if we can adhere to the guidelines, whilst still accommodating all our members. As a result, the following changes will apply from tonight onwards (01st October).


All groups will remain as is, and your main trainer will stay as is. See Groups.

However, groups will be split into x2 smaller groups (1 x bubble) and an assistant trainer will be allocated to work with the main trainer. This will be the same for both Theory Sessions and Water based Sessions. Your Main Trainer will stay with one group each week, but will oversee the other group and may rotate each week to ensure a consistent approach to training.

It goes with out saying that if you feel more comfortable wearing face masks to our sessions, then please do, it is not mandatory at this time but it is down to the individual’s discretion.

Theory Sessions

All theory sessions will now take place on the poolside so, when you arrive please sign in and go directly on to poolside where you trainers will be waiting in the smaller bubbles.

You will need to bring your own pens and writing paper/ note pad and you may want to bring something soft to sit on.

Pool Sessions

Pool Training. we now have permission to introduce more lanes, i.e. back to single lane groups. The Main Trainer and Group will work from the deep end, whilst the second group and assistant trainer will work from the adjacent lane, but from the shallow end i.e. the boom.

Safe Guarding

an area of concern and a safeguarding issue, is that we can no longer let members walk out of the dolphin pool building to an awaiting car.

Parents/Carers MUST come to the building entrance and collect members. Their own preferably 🙂

Collection Times

To assist this, groups will be available for collection at the following times

Rookie Group 1 – Dave Perch – 20:40hrs

Rookie Group 2 – Lara Moore – 20:45hrs

Rookie Group 3 – Julie Marshall – 20:50hrs

Survive and Save Group 1 – Simon Moore = 21:40hrs

Survive and Save Group 2 – Andy Smart = 21:45hrs

Competition Group         – Tim Harris – 21:50hrs


Late Collections

If a parent/carer is not present at time of collection, then the member will be held back until all other groups have been released, at which point the trainer will then see if the parent has arrived yet. The trainers will remain with their group members until they are collected.


If you are running late and are not going to be there at the above allocated time, please text the Main Trainer of the group your child is in, to let them know that you may be late. You have already been sent a SMS text with the contact details of your child’s trainer.

Alternative Collection Arrangements

We cannot and will not allow rookies or young adults to walk out of the building with nothing but wet towels and wet hair especially now that it is getting colder and darker. So please do you part to be there on time to collect your children at the allocated collection time shown above.

We will do our best to ensure they come out on time to meet you to save you standing around.

If you child is to go home with a different Adult then again let your child’s trainer know by text message each week so they can safely release them to the alternative adult.

Thank You in Advance

By making the small changes above, we hope we can continue to provide all our members with god quality lifesaving training but we can ensure it is delivered ins safe and sensible manner based around COVID-19. BUT we need parent and members to do your bit to assist us.


RLSS Poole Lifeguard