Joining Process

Want to Submit a New Membership Application or Simply Renewing an Existing Membership?

Just follow the process detailed below.

  1. Select the Membership Menu
  2. Select the “Membership Form” option on the menu.
  3. Complete the Membership Form
    • Fill in the Membership form and submit the form
  4. Make Payment  
    • You will be directed to a PayPal checkout page
    • make your payment via PayPal (you can opt to either pay via PayPal or debit /credit cards)
    • if the PayPal checkout page does not appear after you have pressed the submit button, then you can make a manual payment by following the instructions below
  5. Note
    • Both scenarios (New and Renewal) will only be complete on the club receiving payment via a PayPal transaction.

Once you have completed your membership form and pressed the submit button, a ‘PayPal’ checkout page should appear for you to complete your payment. If this does not appear – please follow the link below to make a manual payment