Rescue Breath Pocket Masks

The club continues to look at the current COVID-19 climate, and find methods of ensuring that our members can stay safe, whilst training with us.

As a result we are proud to announce our latest endeavour, which is to provide every member with their very own Pocket Mask, labelled up with their name so they are not lost. These have now been issued to the group trainers and will be introduced to training sessions over the few weeks.

It will be the responsibility of each member to look after these pocket masks and bring them along to training each week, where we will start to show them how to use them on our resus manikins. We ask that you do bring them along each week as we will want to start using these on a regular basis. The idea being that if you become familiar with using these simple pocket masks on manikins, then it will eventually become a habit for you to use them in the future, should you require them in a real life scenario. Afterall COVID-19 is not going to go away any time soon.

The Rescue-Mask is designed as an emergency mask and is supplied complete with a one way bacterial and viral filter, built in O2 port and an elasticated head strap. The mask is supplied in a hard plastic carry case.

Please look after these pocket mask and ensure you bring them along each week.