In order to cater for the lifeguards of the future, we have a Rookie Lifeguard section, which blends into the Royal Lifesaving Society UK’s higher awards and lifeguard training scheme.

Anyone from the age of 9 can become a Rookie.

The club provides training in water safety, personal survival and basic rescue skills, as well as specialist skills including, life support, snorkelling, paddle board rescues and communications.

Beach training is provided between May and September at Sandbanks beach to consolidate all the skill learned in the pool. Beach sessions are run on Sunday afternoons 4pm-6pm.

Each person wishing to join the club has to do a short swim test. Details of this can be found at.

For annual membership and monthly swim fees, please visit our Membership Area or contact the membership secretary at

as supplied to each member of the rookie section of our club.

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The Rookie Manual is  24MBytes in size and may take some time to download depending on your download speed.

Click Here to download the PLG Rookie Manual

The Manual is password protected as it is produced by RLSS Poole Lifeguard.

Speak to your Rookie Instructor to obtain the password.

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These extra documents are produced by the RLSS-UK and are freely available to download.

Flags Info

Waves Info


Paddle Board Award

Beach Activities Award

Communications Award