Seahorse Swim Safety Cover

The weather forecasts during the week leading up to This years Seahorse Swim were forecasting Easterly winds, blowing at 16 mph with gustts up to 28 mph. This led to some serious forecast watching and warnings of potential cancellations due to sea star being too rough to hold the swim from a safety perspective. However during Saturday forecasted winds that side to us to make a call on the Sunday morning. Sunday morning arrived and what was all the fuss about very little wind flat calm seas sunny to start with overcast which made made it near perfect conditions to hold open water swim at Knoll beach.
The logistics behind this swim for our club to organise is quite a mammoth undertaking as we have to Set up the swim course, and finish funnel, which involves the laying of 10 marker buoys and setting up booms for the finish.

This all means a very early start for us to get all the gear across to knoll beach, inflate the buoys, get all the anchors, weights and equipment onto the shore line for our boats to the do their bit in setting up the courseby 09:00hrs

As is custom this is a joint venture with Branksome Surf Lifesaving Club and RLSS Boscombe Lifeguards who also provide a safety boat and paddlers. so a huge thank you to those two clubs. we also had some help from Poole Harbour Canoe Club.

Special thanks to all involved as below

Sunny – Flat Calm – Crystal Clear Water – very little easterly winds – flood tide

324 – started
324 – accounted for
several retiring swimmers
no re-portable incidents

Lou Harrison SAFETY OFFICER PLG Legacy
David  Riley SAFETY OFFICER PLG Legacy
Anita Kovacs TEAM 1 Branksome Arancia
Philip Nye TEAM 1 Branksome Arancia
Eleano Connolly TEAM 1 Branksome Board
Madeleine  Sinha TEAM 1 Branksome Board
Finlay Webb TEAM 1 Branksome Board
Gordon Turner TEAM 1 Branksome Board
Christopher Grant TEAM 2 Boscombe Zulu
Karlo Weeks TEAM 2 Boscombe Zulu
Frazer Ely TEAM 2 PHCC – Kayak
Scott Bye TEAM 2 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
Malcolm Acreman TEAM 2 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
Tim Fudge TEAM 2 Boscombe Board
Lyndon Bye TEAM 2 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
Gary Clay TEAM 3 PLG Lottie
Dave Cooper TEAM 3 PLG Lottie
Tim Harris TEAM 3 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
Max Harris TEAM 3 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
Lara Moore TEAM 3 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
David  Perch TEAM 4 PLG Apollo
Brian Pemberton TEAM 4 PLG Apollo
Amy Perch TEAM 4 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
Dan Ayres TEAM 4 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
Spencer Marshall TEAM 4 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
Mark Shakles TEAM 4 PLG Sit on Top Kayaks
julie larner SHORE TEAM Shore Walkers
Simon Moore SHORE TEAM Shore Walkers
Steve Overall SHORE TEAM Shore Walkers
Natallie Standby SHORE TEAM Shore Walkers