Sandbanks Tri – Safety Cover

Another succesful Safety Cover event completed by RLSS Poole Lifeguard.

This time out, it was the turn of the Sandbanks Traithlon organised by Michelle Holloway and Results Triathlon.

77 swimmers took to the water at 6am for the 750m course set by RLSS Poole Lifeguard. This meant an early start for all of our members. 04:15 at the beach to launch the boats, get the Buoys and Anchors ready, plus get 8 kayaks on the water by 05:30hrs. All in place and ready for the start at 06:00hrs following the safety brief.

What a gorgeous morning it was, which made it extremely worth while getting up before dawn.

Sunny – Flat Calm – Crystal Clear Water – Zero Wind – Approaching High Tide (so very little movement)

77 – started
77 – finished
no incidents

Thanks go
Sit on top Kayaks (Red1 to Red8)
#1: Tim Harris
#2: Max Harris
#3: Spencer Marshall
#4: Mark Shakles
#5: Scott Bye
#6: Lyndon Bye
#7: Thomas Nally
#8: Danny Mulharon

#1: David Ayres
#2: Brian Pemberton

#1: Gary Clay
#2: Lara Moore

Shore Walkers

#1: Louise Harrison

#2: David Riley