New Rescue Tubes

RLSS Poole Lifeguard continue to explore ways of making our club training sessions COVID-19 compliant, which in turn ensures that our club members can continue learning the valuable skills of Life Saving, in a safe environment.

Following on from last month, of issuing each member their own rescue breath pocket mask, this month we took delivery of 6 new Rescue Tubes (3x Senior Tubes and 3 x Junior tubes).

This new acquisition cost £550 pounds but The club felt it worth while to boost our existing quantity of rescue tubes so our members don’t have to share equipment during our training sessions.

The Rescue Tube is designed as a floatation rescue aid, which can be worn across the shoulder of the rescuer whilst swimming to the aid of a person in distress in water. It allows the rescuer to perform a non contact rescue and can also be clipped around a casualty to provide support. The rescuer can then simply tow the casualty back to a point of safety, whilst at a safe distance, without putting themselves at risk, by having to hold onto a casualty.

This means we now have 10 of each size so plenty to go around on each club session