Swanage Tri – Safety Cover

Jun 7th, 2015 | By | Category: News, Safetey Cover

The annual Swanage Triathlon, organised by Results Triathlon (Michelle Noble) took part today, and we again layed the buoys for the course and then provided the safety cover for the swim section of the triathlon.

The weather was very kind and we had a wonderful sunrise as we left RMYC at 05:30hrs on board RLSS Poole Legacy to arrive at Swanage for 06:00hrs to start laying the course.

The 8 Kayaks were transported around in the back of Simon’s van fro which we are thankful to ‘Office Team’ for allowing him to use the company van for this event.

65 swimmers took to the water at 07:00hrs and made good progress along the 750m swim, before starting their 20km bike and finishing with a 5km run. We were the lucky ones and were treated to a bacon and egg butty and cup of coffee for breakfast by the event’s Burger Van, courtesy of Results Triathlon as a thank you: and very welcome it was!

A very big thanks to all the club members who turned out to assist on this event, a great time was had and we look forward to the next one.

Kayaks :  Tim Harris, Astrid Harris, Lyndon Bye, Scott Bye, Sophie Landsborough, Sophie Torok, Emma Marjason and Glenn Cooper.

Beach Safety:  Simon Moore and Lynn Cooper

Poole Legacy:  Mike Darkin and Mark Shakles

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