Safety Cover No.2 – Sandbanks Triathlon

Our 2nd Safety cover event of the year, took place at Sandbanks with club members mustering at 05:00hrs to get all the kit out and the course set ready for a 06:00hrs swim start.

A perfect morning, with a lovely sunrise, however when we set the buoys for the course, we discovered that the tide was not behaving as predicted by the tidal graphs, and it was in fact on a flood tide going in towards the harbour entrance rather than ‘out’ as was expected. A quick dynamic risk assessment and a word with the event organiser Michelle, and it was agreed to reverse the direction of the swim course, so that the swimmers could swim with the tide and not against it.

Whilst carrying out the Safety brief for the swimmers at the revised start line, it was noted that fog was creeping in from the harbour entrance, which was very worrying. Another Dynamic Risk Assessment and the swimmers were advised that whilst we would go ahead with the swim, if at any time we felt it necessary to abandon due to the fog, that we would instruct all swimmers to swim directly to shore and that all swimmers must abide by this instruction.

Thankfully although the fog did eventually creep in from all angles and envelope the whole course we were able to get all 39 swimmers safely through the swim leg of the triathlon safely, and onto the bike leg – happy days!!

A HUGE thank you to all of the following people who got up at silly o’clock to help the club with this safety cover and to Emma and Gary Snook for providing the delicious and very welcome bacon and egg rolls with coffee and tea afterwards. ๐Ÿ™‚

LegacySit On Top Kayaks Shore Walkers
David RileyTim Harris Julie Larner
Simon MooreGary Clay Brian Pemberton
Dylan Hall Sam Travers Sarah Ayres
ApolloTim Travers David Ayres
David Perch Lara Moore Emma Travers
Archie SnookMark ShaklesEllen Shakles
Breakfast ChefsEmma and Gary Snook

The safety cover was provided by RLSS Poole Lifeguard
on behalf of Results Triathlon