2016 Club Championships Results

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ICC 2016bCongratulations to all the club members who took part in this years Club Championships, 60 people took part in the end which was a very good turn out. This year we had a tie for 1st Place overall by three members so well done to:

  • Millie Barnes
  • Keira Johnson
  • Max Harris

Full Results can be viewed by click the pictures below:

ICC Overall Order


ICC 2016 Cat Order










The table below shows the top 3 places for each year the competition has been held!

RLSS Poole Lifeguard Internal CLub Championships- History of Winners
NameAge on day of CompetitionOverall Placing
2016 Championships
Barnes Millie111st =
Johnson Keira111st =
Harris Max111st =
2015 Championships
Shakles Mark 501st
Kennedy George142nd
Vincent George113rd
2013 Championships
Vincent George101st
Landsborough Sophie182nd
Hendey Eveleen113rd
2012 Championships
Pugh Tom Pugh1st
Mogg Harry Mogg2nd =
Krum Harry Krum2nd =
Torok Sophie Torok 2nd =
2011 Championships
Megan Lakeman111st
Justin Archer152nd
Lang Parkin03rd
2010 Championships
Hannah Harrison151st =
Thomas Pugh161st =
Sophie Webber113rd
2008 Championships
Thea Joyce111st
Rupert Smith162nd
Kyra Bartlett103rd

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