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Hi subscriber reader

A Happy New Year to you.

This is just a quick email to:
a) Check that the mailing list is working and that you get this email!
b) To also let you know that preparation has already started for this years swim.

so with ref to a)
if it isn't working or your email address is wrong then I guess you won’t be reading this, so you will probably need to try signing up again!! Don’t forget its a two stage sign up - you have to click on the link within the confirmation email that you will receive after you sign up/subscribe.
and with ref to b)
we have started our hard work in planning the 2018 swim - so I hope that you will have already started your hard work, in prepping yourself for the entry process - let alone the actual swim.
Thanks for reading. See you soon!

Mark Shakles
Brownsea Swim Organising Team 2018
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