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BRSW18: Notice No. 3: 12th February 2018
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It's already that time of year again! Gulp!

This is a quick reminder that the entries for this year's swim will shortly being going Live!
As with every year, we go live during that last FULL week of February.

We will also be sticking to our First Come, First Serve approach to entries received, however please note, that this approach is for correctly completed entry forms. Any incomplete or wrongly completed forms will be placed on a separate pile and will be picked up once the correct forms have been processed.

So, be sure to fill in every section and answer all the questions correctly.

A link to the Entry Form will appear on the Brownsea Swim Home Page of our Website on the day we go live. Our home page is www.rlss-poole.org.uk/brownsea

Last year (2017) a total of £27,764.29 was pledged by swimmers for local and national charities, as a result of sponsorship gained by entering this event. This brings the grand total generated to a large number of charities, by the Brownsea Island Swim, to approx £151,955.21.

As a completely voluntary club and charity ourselves, we (RLSS Poole Lifeguard) are very aware that people are more passionate about raising sponsorship for charities that are close to their heart, or that have some meaning to them. We therefore encourage all entrants to use this event to help others by using it to gain sponsorship for a charity of your choice.

So if you are unsure of a Charity to support, give it some thought between now and the entry day and be sure to add the details to your form.
Our Brownsea Swim Website contains pages on each of the following topics, so it is all there for you to read should you want to.
Home Camping Weekend
General Info Challenge T-Shirt
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Definitions Sponsorship
Locations Sponsor RLSS Poole LG
Maps Role of Honour
Spectator Info Archived Results
To view the above pages, just follow the link below and click on the appropriate page.


You might find that by clicking on this link, you get security warnings pop up, I can assure you that the website is clean and is scanned on a regular basis, so just click yes and continue to the website.

Thanks for reading. See you soon!

Mark Shakles
Brownsea Swim 2018 Organiser
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