Sandbanks Tri – Safety Cover

Today (18th September 2022) saw the last of our Safety Cover Events this year with the Results Triathlon at Sandbanks Beach. This was the 3rd attempt of starting this event, seeing as the traffic lights due to the prolonged roadworks earlier in the year, at shore road, prevented the organiser from being to start the cycle part of the triathlon.

Suffice to say it was another early start, with our club members meeting at the beach 05:45hrs, in complete darkness. The weather was fantastic although a tad chilly compared to what we have been used to of late, but the water was still a balmy 18/19 degrees and felt very warm.

The course was all set up by 06:30hrs and we were able to witness a beautiful sun rise, the water was crystal clear and pan flat with an ebbing tide – (going out).

We all gathered at the start line at 06:50hrs for the competitors race brief and safety brief. this was then followed by a minutes silence in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This was observed jointly by all competitors, race marshals and safety team. Suffice to say the the swim section started on time and all swimmers completed the course safely and soundly- Always makes it worth while when you don’t lose any!!

Another Fantastic turn out by our club members again, this time with the addition of some parents who were happily (I think) persuaded to join in and assist with the shore walker teams.

And to finish it off a huge thanks to Emma and Gary Snook for arranging the lovely, and very welcome, bacon and egg butties, freshly cooked in the compound after the event had finished. What a way to end the season πŸ™‚

A HUGE thanks to the following club members for tuning out to assist with this event.

LegacySit On Top KayaksShore Walkers
#1: Simon Moore#1: Tim Travers#1: Louise Harrison
#2: Lara Moore#2: Isabella Marshall#2: Julie Larner
#3: Sam Travers.#3: Luca Owen Di Noto#3: Julie Marshall
 #4: Tim Harris#4: Ellen Shakles
 #5: Ethan Pilley#5: Amanda Wise-Hall
Apollo#6: Emma Travers#6: Dylan Hall
#1: David Perch#7: Scarlett-Lily Williams#7: Michele Welcomme-Dreher
#2: Archie Snook#8: Mark Shakles#8: Sergio Di Noto
#9 not forgetting little Holly πŸ™‚