Safety Cover – Sandbanks Triathlon

Great Day for our first Safety cover of 2023 down at Sandbanks this time bright an early on Fathers Day.

Arrived at beach at 04:45hrs to get all the buoys, anchors and warps plus all the kayak on the waters edge for 05:10hrs to meet the boat crews from Legacy and Apollo who then proceeded to set up the 750m course for the sea swim leg of the triathlon.

All set up by 05:50hrs as requested by the organisers ready for a quick warm up swim by the competitors and the actual race started at approx 06:05hrs

All over and done by 06:40hrs and all packed up and ready to go home for breakfast by 07:30hrs.

Glorious morning, sun hidden by cloud to start with but flat calm, warm waters, and zero wind. The sun did eventually come out to play which made for a very nice mornings work by the club indeed.

Just Perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

Special Thanks to the following members who got up extremely early to help with this safety cover – as always you all do a fantastic job and do the club proud.


#1: Simon Moore

#2: Ethan Pilley

#3: Samuel Travers


#1: David Perch

#2: Dylan Hall

Sit On Top Kayaks

#1: Tim Harris                           

#2: Emma Travers

#3: Amanda Wise-Hall

#4: Tim Travers

#5: Lara Moore

#6: Mark Shakles

Shore Walkers

#1: Julie Larner

#2: Brian Pemberton

#3: Lola Mae Pilley