Membership Renewals 2021

  • Published: 28th November 2020

Our club membership runs from 1st January to the 31st December each year and as such, it is that time of year when we send out renewal notices for the upcoming year (2021). As a Registered Charity, we are required to get all members to complete a renewal membership form each year so, that we have current up to date data, of the applying member, for each membership year.

As 2020 was such a strange year, in which we spent most of it, unable to provide any club training activities, the club executive have decided to offer all renewals for 2021 at at a Special Offer rate of £00.01 per member. Basically, we felt you did not get your monies worth during 2020 😥
Note: The reason for it being £0.01, is that PayPal can’t cope with a zero amount in the shopping cart.

This offer will time expire on the 31st January and from the 1st February 2021, New Membership Fees and Renewal Fees will revert back to the current rate. Note the annual membership fees have not increased and have remained the same for at least 3 years, so it is still good value for money.

As previously mentioned we are a registered charity, and as such we completely rely on fundraising events and the good will of all our club trainers and executive committee members, who give up their own spare time to keep the club operating, voluntarily.

The cost of keeping the club going is approx. £1000 per month.😲

Therefore if you feel that you would like to contribute towards the club funds, and would be happy to continue to pay the going rate for the annual membership renewal, then it would be very much appreciated – just select the appropriate option when completing the form.

To complete the Annual Membership form, either visit our club website at and look under the Membership Menu for the Membership Form, or click on the link below to take you directly to the form.

Annual Membership Fees
The current Prices for the Membership Categories are shown below:

CategoryFull Year
Senior Membership£40.00
Junior Membership£30.00
Supporter Membership£20.00
Family Membership£75.00