Brownsea Swim – Entry Form Guidance

A few pointers for the Brownsea Swim Entry Form!
Remember it is down to you to fill in the swim entry form correctly, we can not do that for, you as we do not have a crystal ball.

Whilst we do operate a 1st Come 1st Serve process, preference will be given to correctly completed forms, so please ensure that you read the questions and give correct answers so as to avoid your own disappointment 🙁


It is very important to get the following data correct when submitting your entry form:

  • Email address of the swimmer
  • Mobile telephone number of the swimmer
  • Date of birth of the swimmer
  • Emergency person name and contact number

We will be contacting you by either email or by text messaging, so it goes without saying that I am sure you won’t want to miss out because you miss spelt your email address or entered your mobile phone number incorrectly – just saying! 🙂

Your date of birth needs to be entered in the good old English format (am I allowed to say that nowadays?) of DD/MM/YYYY – so the 02nd March 1980 becomes 02/03/1980 and not the USA version of mm/dd/yyyy  as that mucks up the database and causes problems in trying to match you from previous years should we have had the pleasure of your company in the past, this adds to the frustration and delays the process.

Finally, your emergency contact needs to be someone who is not entering the swim or involved with the swim. The idea being that we can make contact with that person in the case of an Emergency – not very clever if the phone number given, rings a phone in a bag in the bag marquee. 🙁




Ladies Non Wetsuit: (Full Distance)
Ladies Wetsuit: (Full Distance)
Mens Non Wetsuit: (Full Distance)
Mens Wetsuit: (Full Distance)
Non Wetsuit  (Half Distance)
Wetsuit  (Half Distance)


Simply select the size of T-Shirt that is included with your entry fee. You select it – you get it – so do make sure you select the correct size you want, as indicated on the entry form.


in Minutes – estimated time to complete your distance i.e. 110 mins = 1hour 50mins 😉


if yes choose “YES” and give any additional info to tie you to a previous entry in the swim database – i.e. different Last Name or different First Name even.

MEDICAL AILMENTS                 

You really do need to declare any medical ailments and disclose any medications that you might have with you on the day of the swim. This will be kept confidential but it will allow the First Aid team and the Safety Crew to assist you quickly and in the most appropriate way should it be required.


We encourage everyone to use this event to raise money for a charity of your choosing. Since 2009 the event has helped generate over £120,000.00 towards a whole host of local, national and international charities. This is a great achievement and one we would like to be able to continue, so we would ask you all to think about doing this same and indicate if you would like to raise sponsorship for a charity of your choice. If you know the charity now – then add the name, if not just enter “to be advised”


If you wish to purchase a top quality t-shirt or polo shirt with the Brownsea Swim Logo on the left breast then select “Yes” and add the quantity / style / colour and size. eg  1 off Polo – Sky Blue – XL


All that is required now, is for you to read the “Conditions Of Entry”, “Disclaimer Details” and “Confirmation of Payment and Payment Method” – tick that you Understand and Accept them and then submit the form.


This is important for referring back to if you are not the named swimmer on the form. They will then know who to blame for any incorrect data – 😉  only kidding, It helps in identifying where forms have originated from when querying things after they have been submitted.


It is anticipated that there may be just small increase in website activity when the entry goes live (under exaggeration there me thinks) and as such I don’t know how the website will cope, that said the form and entry process does work.

Therefore you only need to press the Submit button just ONCE and wait – yes wait for you to be redirected to the acknowledgment page. If you press the submit button several times in a panic or frustration due to traffic levels then that’s creating more work for me in deciphering the duplicated entries. You never know I might just make you swim round the island 4 times if I get four forms from people again this year 🙂

Please Note: that by submitting an entry form you will be acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Conditions of Entry – even if someone else submits it on your behalf!