Brownies & Guides Beach Safety

Had a great evening with the Brownies and Guides from 2nd Canford Heath Group on Thursday evening. Gorgeous conditions with sunshine all round.

We split the group into two halves and Lara and Izzy took one half into the water and did lots of work and play on the rescue boards and sit on top cobra ski, whilst I took the other group for a quick shore walk, pointing out hazards, navigational mark (letting them know what they are there for). We also spoke about RIP currents – what they are, how to spot them and how to get yourself out of them safely.

We then went into the water and practised some self rescue techniques, making use of the buoyancy of the salt water to aid themselves, by relaxing and just simply floating on top of the water conserving energy etc.

We then went through the basic rescue principles of Shout, Signal, Reach, Throw, Wade, Row, Swim with and aid and Swim and Tow. And practised some of these elements. How to shout for someone to come and help you (adult Preferably) How to shout to the casualty in the water and get their attention. Try to keep them calm, we spoke about how you could try to reach them or throw something to them, like the Perry buoys on the end of the groynes.

We then paired up and 1 went into the water to pretend to be the casualty whilst the other was the rescuer and practised approaching the casualty, stressing the importance to talk to the casualty at all times and asking them not to grab hold of you. (Your own safety is very important). Once they had done that they then told the casualty that they were going to take hold of them and support them whilst they waded to shallower water. Once they were in shallow water they encouraged the casualty to stand up and we taught then how to support a casualty properly, such that you don’t let go of them and lose them again.

We then went through a bit of after care, by walking the casualty out of the sea, and up above the tide line, laying the casualty down with the head lower, and if needed, to lift the feet. we then discussed the need to get warm clothing and generally look after the casualty until further help arrived. We then swapped around so the casualty became the rescuer and vise versa

Once all of this was done the two groups swapped over and we repeated the exercise with the new group. With Lara and Izzy teaching basic skills of rescue boards and kayaks.

All in all it was a very enjoyable evening and all the brownies and guides were smiling, laughing and having a great time. in fact some of them did not even want to get out of the sea at the end of the session.

Many thanks To Lara Moore and Izzy Marshal and everyone from the 2nd Canford Heath Brownies and Guides Group

Mark Shakles