Joining Process

Want to Submit a New Membership Application or Simply Renewing an Existing Membership?

To apply for new membership or to renew your existing membership for RLSS Poole Lifeguard, you will need to follow the two stage process detailed below.

Both scenarios (New and Renewal) require a PayPal Transaction Number as proof that you have paid your membership fee.

Therefore it is advisable to follow the steps below in the order shown.

  1. Visit the Club Membership Page.
  2. Select the  “Payment” Tab.
    • make your payment via PayPal (you can opt to either pay via PayPal or debit /credit cards).
    • On completion make a note of your PayPal Transaction Number (highlight it and copy)
  3. Select the “Membership Form” TAB.
    • Fill in the Membership form.
    • Enter your PayPal transaction number in the applicable field

Please note Membership Forms will not be accepted unless a valid PayPal Transaction Number is entered