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Brownsea Swim Safety Cover 2018


TIMES: 06:00hrs till 17:00hrs approx.              LOCATION: Sandbanks and Poole Harbour


A chance to help provide Safety Cover for the unique open water swim that is Brownsea Island Swim.

To provide the level of Safety Cover that this event is renowned for, we need a minimum of 10 Safety Boats, 3 Large Day Boats and at least 50 paddle craft.

An early start is required, but it is a fun day and extremely worth being part of the Safety Crew. Breakfast (Bacon Rolls) and Coffee will be provided for all Safety Crew at Sandbanks between 06:00hrs and 07:15hrs

To ensure that our insurance cover is maintained, we require that each person volunteering to assist us with the safety cover, meets our minimum requirements as shown below or holds a higher relevant qualification.

Privacy: Only your 1st name & 1st letter of your last name will be appear on this website!

All Paddlers need to meet the minimum criteria and be  “Competent” on a board / kayak / ski as described below:- a minimum of 50 paddlers are required.

  • Capable of providing cover for the entire event i.e. to and from the Island and your point of Entry /Exit from the water, plus the approx 6.5Km around Brownsea Island.
  • Comfortable with approaching a swimmer bow on, and allowing them to grab hold of the bow of your kayak / board for support should they require it?  
  • Able to identify the reason for support and if necessary raise the attention of the nearest Safety Boat according to the NOP /EAP, then maintain this support until the Safety Boat can come to assist.
  • Maintain a visual with the swimmer's face (eye contact) at all times whilst they are holding onto the bow of your paddle craft.
  • Be capable of self rescue back into / onto your paddle craft,  so as to be able to continue with the safety cover.
    (i.e. assisted by fellow paddlers to get back into / onto your boat should you make a wet exit).
  • Be of 14 years of age or above.

By Signing up in the volunteers signup slots below, you confirm that you will happily form part of the Safety Paddle Craft Team and as such carry out any tasks /instructions provided by the safety briefings and by the Paddle Craft Coordinator on the day of the swim. Personally escorting known swimmers is not allowed and if it occurs then the swimmer in question risks being disqualified – they are aware of this. We have to have this rule to ensure that all our safety paddlers are focussed on all the swimmers and not just one, thus causing a weak link in our overall Safety Cover.

All Safety Boat Helms and Crew need to meet the minimum criteria as described below:- a minimum of 10 safety boats are required.
  • Safety Boat Helm must hold a minimum of RYA Powerboat Level 2 or Equivalent Award or Higher
  • Safety Boat Crew must be competent and have had previous experience as safety boat crew at an open water event.
  • Both Helm and Crew must be capable of self rescue back into the Safety Boat should it be required, so as to be able to continue with the safety cover.
  • Safety Boat Helm be of 17 years of age or older.
  • Safety Boat Crew be of 14 years of age or older.

First Aiders need to meet the minimum criteria as described below:
Note: minimum of 2 First Aid Leaders and 1 First Aid Support Crew.
  • First Aid Team Leaders must hold a current First Aid at Work, Equivalent Award, or Higher Qualification.
  • First Aid Support Crew must have held a First Aid at Work, Equivalent Award, or Higher Qualification and have had experience at similar events.
  • All Members of the First Aid Team must be 17 years of age or older.
  • First Aid Team Leaders to provide their own First Aid Kits, which must be fit for purpose. (RLSS Poole Lifeguard will reimburse for any items used)
  • Blankets and Cold Cas Packs will be supplied by RLSS PLG and will be in the First Aid Tent on Brownsea Island.

These will be published in due course
  • Brownsea Swim 2018 - Normal Operating Plan and Emergency Action Plan
    yet to be published
  • Brownsea Swim 2018 - Risk Assessment
    yet to be published
  • Brownsea Swim 2018 - Island Layout and Swim Direction
    yet to be published
    Either click on the links above or copy and paste them into your browser

  • Thank you for agreeing to help with the Safety Cover for this event, it really is appreciated.
  • We will be in touch before the event with further details

  • By signing up you agree that you meet the criteria shown above!
  • Click on any available spot below fill in the details and please remember to list your relevant Qualification / Competency / Experience.

29th July 2018

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable SpotsItem Details
RLSS Poole (PLG) Paddlers 06:00 15:00#1: Max HarrisRookie paddler
#2: Lara MooreExperienced paddler
#3: Dave CooperExperienced
#4: Malcolm AcremanRYA Level 2 Kayak Level 2 Coach
#5: Lyndon ByeExperienced
#6: Scott ByeExperienced Paddler, First Aid, VHF
#7: daniel hartqualified lifeguard
#8: Gary ClayLevel 2 /VHF/rya first aid-AED
5 remaining:  
Non PLG Paddlers 06:00 14:00#1: Ralph BostockEx White water safety kayaker, plenty of experience. GWO First Aid and RYA PB2 held in case its useful.
#2: Peter FootPHCC, 3* sea kayak, RYA Yachtmaster, Aquatic first aid L1&2
#3: Monika Lloyd-BurtonPHCC 3-4* experience
#4: Tim FudgeBoscombe. Lots of experience on a mal.
#5: Adam WinterbottomPHCC - 3* sea kayak
#6: Paulette HillsPHCC, level 2 coach, paddlesport leader
#7: Frazer ElyPHCC. 4 star. covered the swim many times!
#8: Ian ChiversPHCC / BCU 3* Sea, Paddlesport Leader
#9: Roger ElmerPHCC- 2*
#10: jo taylorPHCC previous experience with RNLI swim support expiriences white water and long distance sea kayaker
#11: Peter GillPHCC BCU 2* + FSRT + BCU First Aid + St Johns CPR & Defib
#12: Adam O'ConnorPHCC 2*. FSRT
#13: Mark TaylorPHCC level 2 coach 4* sea previous experience of Brownsea swim cover
#14: Mocha PilkingtonPHCC. 2*. FSRT
#15: Jon Burton PHCC Experienced 3* Sea Kayaker with good rescue experience.
#16: Scott MilesFerndown. experienced paddler + RYA level 2
#17: Andrew BullardPHCC 3* Plus First Aid Team Afloat - current first aider
#18: Suzanne HughesPHCC - Lots of experience Plus First Aid Team Afloat - Current Paramedic
#19: Ashley RogersPHCC - 3* sea. Previous 3 years experience.
#20: Paul Frost PHCC 3*
#21: Lynn FrancisPHCC Level 2 coach
#22: Greg HarringtonPHCC 2* Sea Kayak / Previously Covered the swim
#23: Luke ChamberlainPHHC 3*, FSRT, First Aid
#24: Michael PettaSouth Worcester Lifeguards - DEFRA Flood Rescue
#25: martin jonesphcc competent
#26: Richard MulliganPHCC 2* sea kayak, vhf, first aid. 2nd year cover for Brownsea swim.
#27: David JamesBranksome Chine SLSC/ Surf lifeguard/ I’ll be on a paddle board
#28: Jenny WisdomBranksome Chine SLSC/board competency held
#29: Gordon TurnerBranksome Chine Surf lifesaving club swim and board competency
#30: Finlay WebbBranksome Board comp
#31: Bill Richmond3* sea kayaker - PHCC - 12 years experience - done bss cover previously
#32: Alice ForsonSouth Worcester Lifesaving. SLSGB Paddleboard competency. RLSS Openwater Lifeguard. Paddleboard Lifeguard 3x weekly for open water swims. Provided cover at Brownsea last year.
#33: Adrian MayhewSWLSC RYA, SLSGB, RNLI driver, DEFRA L4 - Board comp & Surf Comp
#34: Rob InettSWLSC RNLI Lifebiat Help + Board comp and Surf Comp
#35: Anita KovacsBranksome Chine SLSC, Surf Lifeguard
#36: Adam Horvath-JuhaszBranksome Chine SLSC / Surf Lifeguard
#37: David HaseldenPHCC Competent
#38: anthony martinBoscombe Lifeguards BCU 1* , 2* , 3* Foundation Safety & Rescue Training Award - Swim Event Safety Award - 3 years safety cover for Red Caps Open Water Swimming Club
#39: Steve HillsPoole Harbour Canoe Club. BC level 4 coach
#40: Dorota HadenPHCC 2*
#41: John HansonNHYC - Experienced
#42: Brian DuffinNHYC - Competent
5 remaining:  
First Aid Team 06:00 15:00#1: Hannah HarrisonLeader - Paramedic
#2: Andy Wingate Support - Emergency Medical Technician
#3: Gavin DelpintoSupport
1 remaining:  
Poole Legacy 06:00 17:00#1: Brian PembertonRYA Advanced ,RYA Power boat instructor
#2: Simon MooreRYA level 2, RYA safety boat.
1 remaining:  
Poole Lottie 06:00 17:00#1: David RileyRYA Level2 , Safety Boat
#2: Amy PerchRYA leevl 2 - Experienced Crew
Boscombe Zulu 06:00 15:00#1: James MarshRya Safety, STCW
#2: Christopher GrantRYA2 RYA safety boat RYA instructor. I have been carrying out safety boat activities for 25 years plus. I am a beach TA and a qualified RLSS beach lifeguard.
#3: Alistair BarronQualified beach lifeguard. Have covered numerous events in the last two years.
Branksome Arancia 1 06:00 15:00#1: James BestRYA advanced PB. SLS driver. Flood rescue boat helm
#2: Mark DixonRYA Safety Boat
Branksome Arancia 2 06:00 15:002 remaining:  
Bournemouth Arancia 1 06:00 15:00#1: Joe FoxSLSGB IRB Crew & Driver
#2: John HumphriesSLSGB IRB Crew & Driver
Bournemouth Arancia 2 06:00 15:00#1: Iain SpicerSLSGB IRB Crew
1 remaining:  
Southbourne Arancia 1 06:00 15:00#1: Jenny FootSLSGB IRB Driver
#2: Hannah FieldhouseSLSGB IRB Driver
Southbourne Arancia 2 06:00 15:00#1: Jack DaveySLSGB IRB Driver
#2: Steve CarrLG
South Worcester SB1 06:00 15:00#1: Alex BowdenSLSGB IRB Tutor, DEFRA Level 4 RBO, Level 4 Instructor, Surf Lifeguard, FREC 4 Medical, Enchaced D13
#2: Adam MilneRYA 2, Swift water rescue boat helm
South Worcester SB2 06:00 15:002 remaining:  
Nutkin Too 06:00 15:003 remaining:  
Typhoon 07:30 15:00#1: Andy BurtonRYA 2 , Safety Boat
#2: Amy BurtonPrevious Safety Cover for Brownsea Island swim 2016/2017
1 remaining:  
MVS Ocean Adventure 07:30 12:00#1: Alan JonesDOT Coded Cox Category 3
#2: Mike CummingsDOT Coded Cox Category 6
1 remaining:  
MVS Trevora 07:30 12:00#1: Chris EdwardsRYA /DoT Coded Cox Cat 6
#2: Adam ParryRYA Poerboat II + Safety Boat
MVS St Elin 07:30 12:00#1: Garry BrannanRYA Yachtmaster, MVS, Advanced Powerboat
#2: Ian Price-SmithDoT/RYA Coded Cox Cat 3
#3: Steve DixonRYA Powerboat 2
MVS Avocet 07:30 12:00#1: Duncan MillerRYA Powerboat Level 2
#2: Karl ChantRYA Powerboat 2
1 remaining:  
Nightingale 07:30 12:00#1: Fiona Burseyas 2017
#2: Christopher TuffillPowerboat Instructor. Commercial Endorsement Power and Sail
1 remaining: