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Brownsea Swim 2016 by Age Group and Category Order
d.n.f = did not finish
d.n.s = did not show
Swim No.Name LastName FirstClub/OrgAgeCategoryTime 
Full SwimRatified Results
14yrs - 30yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 17
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
104BallJoanneEDOWSC23Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.20
110HillCharlotten/a21Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.46
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
203OneileHelenn/a26Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.32.20
209PettaLuisaSouth Worcester Lifeguard Club28Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.19
211O'NeileEmmaZoom Tri Club24Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.17
216MarjasonEmmaRLSS Poole Lifeguard18Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.49
224Parratt LewisEleanorn/a21Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.08
253HymanGabrielleNational Trust27Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.35
13CraneKatieRLSS Poole Lifeguard18Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.37.56
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
304RobertsAndreDevonport masters22Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.15
318BerryMatthewN/a21Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.35
24McDowellEoinNational Trust28Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.15
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
401GilesGuyCity of Oxford SC22Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.19.06
402AustinEdwardWarminster Swimming Club16Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.13
515WarnerAlexTri2o29Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.44.49
435BortonJohnn/a27Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.17
462WickinsRichardn/a29Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.06
30yrs - 40yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 61
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
114TownerKaten/a38Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.30
133ThomasEleanorHampshire Open Water Swimmers39Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.39
107CornwellCatBattle Back, help for heroes36Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.26.51
135PenroseRachelJohn Lewis39Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.27.02
136JumpEleanorHampshire Open Water Swimmers31Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.57.53
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
205SteenkampKellyn/a37Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.58
202YerburyKatrinaTeam Seagull Open Water Swimming Club39Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.17
219JacksonVictoriaSouth Worcester Lifeguards34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.24
212HarrisHelenn/a33Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.10
208LouFranWest London Penguins34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.33
214MaddockJuliaSeadogs38Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.09
228SquireChristinaEDOWSC36Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.03
235OwenJoannan/a35Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.59
221MillsVivienn/a37Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.20
218GurrieriFernandaJohn Lewis35Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.51
242MorrisPhilippan/a31Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.21
222MorrisDoryBlandford Tri Club35Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.42
217Barnett- RobertsJaneJohn Lewis34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.29
234NiblettLauran/a35Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.19
241WilliamsClareBattle back, help for heroes38Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.30.48
244BridleRachelJust swim39Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.35.10
250LewisAnnan/a38Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.36.18
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
317VailMatthewTeam Seagull Open Water Swimming Club31Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.51
326LeverThomasn/a32Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.33.19
323HooperGarethTewkesbury Tri Club38Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.39.28
341ThompsonRowanNational Trust32Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.F.
321FrancisThomasBattle Back33Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
415HurfordAndrewJohn Lewis35Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.28.25
451BakerSimonRedway Runners36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.02
452BartlettTomTeam Seagull Open Water Swimming Club35Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.31
463InettRobSouth Worcester Lifeguard Club34Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.34
484HobbsDavidn/a34Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.30
536SmithRobNDTC37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.53
434BellwoodMartynSouthampton Masters33Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.53
468NorrisJoen/a33Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.03
509SimpsonGordonn/a35Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.11
461WebbOliverEDOWSC39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.03
441HarperGraemen/a37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.51
406BostockRalphn/a32Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.58
516WhittleJamien/a31Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.49
490BarfootDanTeam Seagull Open Water Swimming Club39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.38
518MaraisChristopherWimbledon Windmilers37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.49
467NorrisTimn/a37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.02
510SingletonBenn/a37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.33
545CodoChristiann/a39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.58
542VivianAdriann/a30Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.41
426SheppardEdn/a35Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.02
501PorterMarkn/a39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.36
479GrestyWilliamn/a36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.13
471CloughRobertn/a36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.21
489LethbridgeRichardNational Trust37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.13
418DixonCraigNational Trust34Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.55
541FennyLeen/a36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.20
540BrownPauln/a38Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.25.59
494MilesGaryZoom Tri Club30Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.27.43
470AllenPauln/a36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.27.57
475EvansSimonn/a37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.42.37
543ArmstrongJamesn/a34Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.04.07
546HawkwoodJosephNational Trust32Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.11.23
487JordanChrisn/a36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
465JovanovichIvon/a36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
40yrs - 50yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 61
101ThornClairen/a45Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.31.20
139MellstromKarenn/a43Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.31
115WhitesideSharonn/a42Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.26
123LeachMichellen/a47Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.41
113SonghurstJodiBeyond the Blue46Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.56
120BustinClairen/a43Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.47
121HerridgeDeborahThe Shack Sharks48Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.00
112PascoeSarahEDOWSC49Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.06
126CookeSarahn/a45Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.35.00
125ArtingstallVivianJust Swim46Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.36.00
134ParkesRachelCOCSC44Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.37.30
118Chapman-SheathStephanien/a47Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.38.35
128AnteneyKatherinen/a45Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.48.36
103HarrisAnnetteJust Swim42Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.49.07
130BlackIlseJust Swim, Southbourne Surf Lifesaving47Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.49.37
137FotheringhamJoJust Swim42Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.57.35
127ReynoldsPaulaThe Shack Sharks49Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.01.13
117WoolnerCatherinen/a47Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
201NimmoKatieCSWPC / GMSC40Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.25.10
204SeabrookShirleyn/a42Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.32
230YoungLucyRLSS-UK 125 Wales42Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.37.17
236AyresLorraineSomerset RC Tri49Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.27
215RolleHelenEtwall Eagles Swimming Club41Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.45
226FieldJackieCycleworks UK Limited41Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.18
132MitchellHildiBrighton Multisports Club45Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.17
240PayneKaten/a43Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.07
213AustinRebeccaWarminster Swimming Club45Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.10
239O'DriscollFionan/a46Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.30
238GouldJocelynn/a40Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.33
232CrinionRosemaryn/a41Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.38
261McgrathRosalindTewkesbury Tri Club42Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.27
229WilliamsAnneTTC48Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.39.13
254RogersJanisn/a45Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.54.18
252IrwinFionaRLSS-UK 125 Scotland41Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.55.55
245DawsonNicolaOutdoor swimming society43Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.02.00
248FreemanDianen/a43Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.04.50
262OslandSamanthan/a48Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.F.
206CookTracyn/a44Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
243AbercrombieLoun/a41Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
301WilkinsonOliverGloucester Masters41Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.23.00
322GriffithsSimonRLSS-UK 125 Overseas49Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.31.08
302NewmanMarcEDOWSC48Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.32.59
313LockGrahamMid Sussex Marlins44Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.44.28
311ChristopherAshleyShirley Swimming Pool47Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.38
308TribbeckJonEDOWSC45Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.38
315TarlingSamn/a43Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.43
320DrummondGrantTeam Seagull Open Water Swimming Club47Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.23
310SmithCliveEtwall Eagles Swimming Club47Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.09
319BourgeoisYoannBattle Back, help for heroes41Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.59
332BarterWilln/a41Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.07
325LeonardCharlesWimbledon Windmilers43Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.56
328PollardDaven/a45Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.27.32
324JonesPauln/a49Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.28.34
331SearRobn/a49Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.30.18
327Lindsey-ClarkBenedictJust Swim43Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.36.06
330RogersTonyn/a44Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.45.27
337HawkwoodReubenNational Trust42Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.58.30
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
407HandleySimonn/a42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.26.43
412WhyteGregRLSS-UK 125 East49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.27.01
443MartinPaulTewkesbury Tri Club41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.29.13
403LucasNickNewport Pagnell Swim Club47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.40
411WestMartinPoole Swimming Club45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.31.16
417CunioJosephcity of southampton swimming club45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.33
532NiemandPhilipNational Trust41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.54
409MetcalfeNeilSouth Worcester Lifeguards45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.37.46
307SmallSimonn/a44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.36
472DaviesJeremyn/a43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.47
517WiltonEdn/a41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.59
504RyeAdamn/a47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.44.58
488KnightJohnn/a44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.46.06
446SmithMatthewEDOWSC47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.46.52
432TurlRobn/a45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.47
424RawlingsBenEDOWSC40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.45
445RussellJamesn/a44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.03
419GillAndrewEDOWSC46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.14
538LewisThomasn/a40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.10
437EverndenRupertDavid Lloyd Ringwood48Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.14
425SchielChrisn/a45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.27
524PetersenChristopherNorth Dorset Tri44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.38
495MorganAndrewTri2o40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.49
431WemmsMatthewZoom Tri Club43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.53
483HatherellGuyn/a44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.08
414De LucaPaoloEDOWSC46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.18
547PriceMatthewn/a41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.37
473HopkinsRichardn/a49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.18
497MowbrayAidanTri Purbeck47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.05
416CameronNeilTotton RC45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.45
478GilesRickPetersfield Tri Club43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.15
410WallisTobyEDOWSC43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.58
503RussellGrantn/a42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.23
482HarrisTimRLSS Poole Lifeguard49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.12
430Van HeelDavidSLSC47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.29
491LockyerTonyBeyond the Blue40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.42
450ArnoldJohnN/A49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.58
427SnowRichardNational Trust41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.32
481HarmerSimonBattleBack40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.12
507SherwoodPauln/a46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.43
459PlattAndrewEDOWSC48Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.48
535MainstoneDavidn/a40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.51
537ClemsonMiken/a44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.16
523HutchinsonMarkn/a48Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.12
496MorrisSteveBlandford Tri Club43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.43
544Brown-KenyonEdSAS Collective Cycling49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.33
534ColeChrisShirley Swimming Pool44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.17.53
511SmithChrisHOBOS48Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.29
528KentDudleySALISBURY TRI CLUB49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.15
514WardLaurencen/a40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.43
421MoorbyOliverPoole Swimming club44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.28.06
477GainAlastairn/a44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.33.25
531GoldenVincentHOBOS47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.35.14
533PooleAdamNational Trust44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.36.25
512StockerBradleyn/a42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.36.28
476FloodAndrewn/a46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
506ShackletonSteven/a41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
420LawrenceMarkn/a41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
50yrs - 60yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 80
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
106ClarkKarenn/a52Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.23
138CookLesleyChalkwell Redcaps57Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.12
129BattsKathyRLSS-UK 125 South East56Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.52
108DouglasSusann/a53Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.09
119RuscoeAlisonEDOWSC50Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.20
105BriggsJanetEtwall Eagles Swimming Club57Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.16.26
122HitchensJoanneEDOWSC52Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.20.17
116WilliamsonRuthThe Shack Sharks51Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.49
124VerthElizabethBeyond the Blue57Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.38.54
111NobleSharonThe Shack Sharks50Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.45.00
131GuiseNicolan/a51Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.58.44
140CrollaCarolinen/a57Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.F.
102NevittGaynorN/A50Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.F.
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
210WilsonAnnien/a54Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.26.30
207HetreedOlivian/a55Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.20
225PerkinsJeanZoom Tri Club57Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.25
220MillarJaneBTRS57Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.24
255PoynterClareRLSS-UK 125 Southern51Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.17
249KnottSarahn/a54Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.42
247DuttonJudithGreenlightPT59Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.16.57
259LeechZoen/a53Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.49
227RobertsTeresaTewkesbury Tri Club51Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.28.15
223NippardKayen/a50Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.29.10
237StauntonKirstySalisbury Open Water59Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.31.27
260LewisCathyn/a55Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.36.41
231SibbaldJennifern/a53Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.40.07
233GobleSallyCycleworks UK Limited51Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.40.50
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
305KellawayRobEDOWSC54Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.46.43
303LoleIanRLSS-UK 125 West Midlands51Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.17
306LoleAdrianRLSS-UK 125 East Midlands54Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.04
312LewisRichardEDOWSC52Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.55
309NivenNeilEDOWSC55Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.20
314RussellAdrianTewkesbury Tri Club51Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.33
334SadlerStevenEDOWSC58Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.17.29
333ColemanDavidJersey Long Distance Swimming Club59Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.19.09
335VidesMarkEDOWSC54Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.50
316AldersonMiken/a55Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.39.39
339ReedTomKettering Swimming Club51Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.58.46
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
413WoodsNigelCMKSC54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.28.57
404RimmerChipn/a53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.34.37
408LinesRichardn/a52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.15
485BallAnthonyErith and District56Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.17
422MortonDavidHartham Masters52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.48
453BradfordAdamPortsmouth Tri52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.51
433GilesGaryn/a53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.38
449HawesSteveDavid Lloyd Milton Keynes54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.50
486HurdSimonWarminster & Distirct ASC55Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.04
493McnairDavidtrisport epping53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.19
440HansfordStevenShirley Swimming Pool57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.24
436BudynkiewiczRayEDOWSC59Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.28
456CollinsStuartSomerset RC Tri56Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.41
423OrmrodNigeln/a52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.42
454EastGeorgeVobster Quay Swimmers56Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.02
444PerkinsGrahamZoom Tri Club58Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.57
448PerryDavidShirley Swimming Pool57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.18
455FerenczyPetern/a50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.21
529WilliamsLeeWimbledon Windmilers51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.52
466LindsayNickn/a51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.35
457NewburyAndrewn/a51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.47
498NewmanDarrenSomerset RC Tri51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.21
439GalliverMarkn/a54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.44
469TurnerChrisn/a52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.02
500PocockPauln/a58Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.59
519WalshMikeWarminster Swimming Club54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.19
520BurchellCavellRLSS-UK 125 Ireland57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.39
513ThorntonPauln/a52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.32
458ClarkeIann/a52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.40
442AveryJamesEDOWSC50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.13.09
539NormanNickEDOWSC52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.38
428ThompsonDavidn/a58Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.09
508SibbaldGarryRN Triathlon54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.10
502RobertsAdamn/a52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.36
522DayJeremyn/a54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.17
548SteelDouglasn/a50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.51
526WardJulianWimbledon Windmilers55Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.25.17
505SamuelMarkn/a50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.26.15
527EatwellDeanShirley Swimming Pool57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.32.35
530BrandonRusselln/a50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.36.19
499NippardMichaelBritish triathlon53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.51.19
460WalshChrisTewkesbury Tri Club56Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.S.
60yrs - 70yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 10
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
109Farquharson-RobertsJeannieRoyal Navy63Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.13.58
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
246SharpCatherineRLSS-UK 125 West60Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.33
256JullCaroln/a63Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.27.51
251MorrisCarolinen/a60Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.39.00
257LievesleyPamelan/a69Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.40.54
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
340FraserDavidBarnet copthall61Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.21
329RobertsMichaelTewkesbury Tri Club60Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.F.
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
438FisherMartynBeyond the Blue67Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.51
492MartinRichardn/a64Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.31
525StauntonEamonn/a60Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.31.34
70yrs - 80yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 4
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
338GrantCliveEDOWSC71Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.46.45
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
447SmithRobert GuyEDOWSC71Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.34
464HolmanBobEDOWSC71Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.48
474EdwardsJohntyEDOWSC70Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.51
Swim No.Name LastName FirstClub/OrgAgeCategoryTime
HalfSwimRatified Results
14yrs - 30yrs Age Group Category
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
1BallSamBranksome Chine SLS15Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.38.06
12AkroydHannahn/a21Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.45.06
30yrs - 40yrs Age Group Category
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
9DigweedAndyRLSS-UK 125 South West31Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.49.40
5RandRosien/a35Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.53.43
2BarnesElizabethn/a37Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.00.03
23MatthewsBenjaminNational Trust37Wetsuit (Half Dist)D.N.S.
22ColemanCatherineNational Trust32Wetsuit (Half Dist)D.N.S.
10LockeAnthonyn/a38Wetsuit (Half Dist)D.N.S.
40yrs - 50yrs Age Group Category
Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)
26GlaysherJenniferBeyond The Blue44Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.48.59
29NorthLisaBeyond the Blue48Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.51.23
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
11AkroydDeborahn/a49Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.47.22
21SmallHattien/a43Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.53.30
30WillsTanjan/a47Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.53.47
20RichardsonJenEDOWSC41Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.54.24
8GrayJulieSeadogs43Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.02.04
17TrayfordJennyZoom Tri Club41Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.04.31
14EltonHannahHOBOS43Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.06.04
18WebbMatthewBattle Back, help for heroes40Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.23.03
4MarranMickTeam Seagull Open Water Swimming Club44Wetsuit (Half Dist)D.N.S.
40yrs - 50yrs Age Group Category
Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)
28BudynkiewiczAliEDOWSC58Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.48.53
27EffordJanen/a54Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.10.31
25MartiniAndyBeyond the Blue54Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.12.56
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
6RandallZoen/a50Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.54.16
16McaulayAntoinetteEDOWSC57Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.55.12
7WoodCatherinen/a56Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.00.12
19DenningAnnen/a54Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.04.25
15HillRichardn/a50Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.05.02