Brownsea Swim 2015 – Results by Age Group

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Swim No.Name LastName FirstClub/OrgAgeCategoryTime
Full SwimRatified Results
14yrs - 30yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 22
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
103HannahWiltshirePoole Swimming Club28Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.34.53
104DanniCallahanEDOWSC23Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.45.57
146CharlotteHillN/A20Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.12
132JoanneBallEDOWSC20Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.01
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
208HelenOneileZoom Tri Club25Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.06
205LuisaPettaSouth Worcester Lifeguard Club27Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.31
213AleashaCapleWarminster Swimming Club15Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.41.22
238EmmaOneileZoom Tri Club23Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.03
248JennGledhillN/A29Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.25
235EmmaMarjasonRLSS Poole Lifeguard17Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.44
233AnitaKovácsBranksome Chine SLSC27Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.38
262NatalieKoenigZoom Tri Club28Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.24
259NaomiAstleN/A29Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.25.06
250AmandaShoreyN/A27Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.31.03
258HollyAndrewsEDOWSC29Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.32.21
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
12CiaránKellyBasingstoke Bluefins16Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.10
310AnthonyPhillipsWarminster Swimming Club29Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.27
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
401GuyGilesTORQ Swimming21Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.19.05
404EdwardAustinWarminster Swimming Club15Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.34
490RichardWickinsN/A27Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.33
448AndrewJordanN/A28Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.06
423JakeLudgateN/A29Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.14
30yrs - 40yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 75
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
107ClaireAngyalRed Top Swim30Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.41.06
109AnnaTerryHenley Open Water Swimming Club30Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.43
110LauraMasonSpencer, London38Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.44
108JacquiCouchN/A30Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.37
118AliceGartlandSerpentine Swimming Club37Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.15
121JoannaOwenN/A34Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.41
116CatCornwellBattleback35Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.47
138JulietHillJust Swim34Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.31.42
127LeilaFearneN/A31Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
201KatieNimmoCheltenham Swimming & Waterpolo Club38Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.20.30
204AmandaReadRg Active Blueseventy33Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.16
211JoWattsN/A31Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.13
220SarahHugginsN/A38Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.50
212KatrinaYerburyRingwood David Lloyd38Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.39.12
215KatieKennyN/A35Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.39.17
224KateBarkerN/A34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.09
230VictoriaJacksonN/A34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.47
217ShelleyBroomfieldZoom Tri Club32Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.17
216BeckyWiltonLWSA34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.15
221SophieNunnN/A30Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.08
234JuliaMaddockSeadogs37Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.43
244LucyHoweThorpe Water Open Swimming36Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.45
222AmyCoatesN/A31Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.02
232RhiaJonesNorth Dorset Triathlon Club34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.55
218NatashaCottrellN/A37Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.05
239ClaireParsonsN/A32Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.47
236VivienMillsN/A36Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.10
249AlexGibsonOut To Swim36Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.54
5KatieCashN/A37Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.40
247ClareWilliamsBattle Back / Team True Spirit37Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.15
253RachelLambNational Trust39Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.27.47
263AnnaLewisN/A37Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.29.52
254HannahPughJohn Lewis34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.42.24
242KatieWiltonN/A37Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
237AlisonMilmerN/A34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
225SarahHartN/A34Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
306RichardSimpsonZoom Tri Club35Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.32
314RohanBylesLondon Fields Triathlon Club31Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.10
309ThomasMcgrathN/A30Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.54
336LachlanMacphersonN/A34Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.30
328AndrewHamillEDOWSC38Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.41
322DanBarfootN/A38Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.52
311GordonSimpsonBranksome Chine SLSC34Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.10
329KevinHillEDOWSC34Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.16.18
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
411JohnSmithKenilworth Masters Swimming Club38Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.27.24
443BrianFoleyN/A36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.45
408BenRawlingsN/A39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.11
529RichardTonkinN/A32Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.39.51
492NeilMansonZoom Tri Club38Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.29
417OliverCoomberZoom Tri Club33Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.11
497HamishMacleanWimbledon Windmilers32Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.15
457LeeTurnerN/A36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.01
433JamesHendersonZoom Tri Club39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.56
441MartynBellwoodSouthampton Masters32Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.39
452JoeNorrisN/A31Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.49
485RobertSmithNDTC36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.06
516ChristopherMaraisN/A36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.04
460PaulPavlouN/A38Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.24
489OliverWebbEDOWSC38Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.46
473AnthonyHeaton-JonesSomerset Rc Tri37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.57
483GregorySilmanN/A37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.38
461JohnWilliamsN/A39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.17
406IvoJovanovichN/A34Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.33
471SimonHarmerBattleback39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.37
479TristanMatthewsZoom Tri Club36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.29
491EdWiltonN/A36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.20
496PaulDunlopN/A36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.37
447DarrenHolmanEast Grinstead Tri Club38Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.52
15MatthewLewisN/A39Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.57
474DanHoweThorpe Open Water Swimming37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.05
449ThomasLeverN/A31Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.03
469SimonGardinerN/A37Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.13
509PeterSearlesN/A31Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.20
510MatthewSkanN/A38Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.12
470PaulGibsonN/A36Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
40yrs - 50yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 108
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
101SarahWylieN/A42Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.33
105TashaMoreyN/A44Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.13
111ElaineWarrinerN/A43Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.09
123KarenReesN/A49Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.05
126DeborahHerridgeShack Sharks47Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.25
124CatherineWoolnerN/A46Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.24
120LisaNorthEDOWSC47Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.57
129SueWoodEtwall Eagles45Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.51
128AlisonRuscoeEDOWSC49Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.58
122SarahPascoeEDOWSC48Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.44
125VivianArtingstallJust Swim45Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.16.22
106AnnabelleUnderwoodJust Swim46Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.22.01
148JoFotheringhamJust Swim40Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.26.37
145ElanorMcbayJust Swim43Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.33.23
119GaynorNevittJust Swim49Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.f
115SarahCookeDauntseys44Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
206SharonGlenisterZoom Tri Club46Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.41.17
207LisaKeayN/A41Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.57
241MelVarvelVotwo.Co.Uk44Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.28
219JohanneHicksDavid Lloyd Triathlon & Swimming Groups47Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.47
265CathCooperN/A45Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.35
229ClaireHudson-CooperN/A41Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.23
240NicolaSwordN/A46Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.00
266SusanGardnerN/A45Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.29
209HattieSmallN/A42Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.38
6ZoeRandallN/A49Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.48
252JulieGrayShirley Pool42Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.08
256LauraGrewerJohn Lewis46Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.25.37
257SusanStewartJohn Lewis45Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.26.42
261ChristineFrazerJohn Lewis49Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.37.55
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
301OliverWilkinsonGloucester Masters40Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.20.22
302MarcNewmanEDOWSC47Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.02
320GrahamLockMid Sussex Marlins43Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.20
304StuartPurcellEDOWSC47Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.48
318AshleyChristopherShirley Swimming Pool Sea Dogs46Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.50
307JonTribbeckEDOWSC44Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.20
315KeithJonesLondon Polytechnic Waterpolo48Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.44
325TomDulyEDOWSC47Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.41
313PaulStanifordN/A41Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.26
324GrantDrummondZoom Tri Club45Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.59
321YoannBourgeoisBattleback40Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.07
334RobSearN/A48Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.42
345CharlesLeonardWimbledon Windmilers42Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.28
333DominicScottJust Swim41Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.39
338PaulJonesN/A48Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.32
337ReubenHawkwoodNational Trust41Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.29.56
332MarkSamuelN/A45Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.30.14
344TonyRogersN/A43Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.35.24
330DinoMatthewsEDOWSC47Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.f
331NathanMeadowsRed Top Swim45Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
326MatthewEvansWetnosers48Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
402NickLucasNewpot Pagnell Swim Club46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.29.49
414NeilMetcalfeSouth Worcester Lifeguard Club44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.33.55
405JasonBerryTewkesbury Tri Club44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.34.14
410SimonSmallN/A43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.22
523PaulGallinaN/A43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.42
464DerekBissettN/A46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.32
412AnthonyWaltonWareham & District S.C42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.39.09
435ChrisSchielN/A41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.02
519RichardSnowTeam Strangelove40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.07
426PeterRabjohnsN/A43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.10
428JohnCapleWarminster Swimming Club49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.14
415JosephCunioSouthampton Swimming Clib44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.22
437MatthewSmithEDOWSC42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.58
512RobTurlN/A44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.41.33
438TobyWallisN/A42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.10
451MarkBrownN/A45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.02
2AlistairJohnsonTri O247Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.30
420StuartGlenisterZoom Tri Club42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.22
459JimWestwoodN/A41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.25
430RupertEverndenDavid Lloyd Ringwood46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.19
458AdamWattsTri Training Harder43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.31
495JohnDaviesN/A43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.02
409JamesRussellN/A43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.07
416PaoloDe LucaZoom Tri Club45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.34
442NeilCameronTotton Rc43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.40
475JonnyJacksonN/A41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.48
450NickLindsayN/A49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.43
530EricMacgurkShack Sharks48Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.50
507SteveMorrisN/A42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.41
481GrantRussellN/A41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.54
436PaulSherwoodN/A45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.41
501MarkWilsonN/A47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.56
421AndrewHindleyZoom Tri Club46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.51
514ChrisColeShirley Swimming Pool Sea Dogs42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.04
499OliverMoorbyN/A43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.09
518JohnPowellNational Trust41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.41
508AndyOldhamN/A41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.12
524SimonSharpN/A42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.20
446TimHarrisRLSS Poole Lifeguard48Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.52
488MalcolmToneN/A45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.00
476NeilKearneyLWSA47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.50
467JeremyDaviesN/A42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.10
424SimonBarnesZoom Tri Club42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.39
505DylanGriffith-JonesJust Swim40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.40
528BradleyStockerN/A41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.44
486MilesTarpeyN/A44Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.50
478PaulMatthewsN/A45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.54
482SteveShackletonN/A40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.08
463JamesAveryN/A49Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.12.44
484ChrisSmithHOBOS47Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.16.36
511RichardSwindlehurstN/A45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.57
500AdamPooleNational Trust43Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.07
504VincentGoldenHOBOS46Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.50
522TrevorWarwickNational Trust42Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.48.26
513MatthewWilliamsN/A45Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
527MattMoringHartham Masters40Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
445BarryGrundyN/A41Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
50yrs - 60yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 72
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
114KarenClarkN/A51Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.13
135DeborahVineN/A59Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.15
117SusanDouglasN/A52Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.19
112JanetBriggsEtwall Eagles56Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.45
130JoHitchensEDOWSC51Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.24
134ElizabethVerthBeyond The Blue56Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.21
137LouiseBarberN/A52Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.19.04
144IsabelGwytherWimbledon Windmilers50Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.19.50
139LucyIliffeN/A50Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.15
149BarbaraJenningsSouth London Swimming Club55Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.22.46
141AnnMcgrathN/A54Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.36
136LisaWenzelJust Swim54Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.08
140CarolineJenningsN/A53Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.26.48
133MadelineTysoeJust Swim50Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.28.53
142KateTaylorShack Sharks51Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.29.44
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
210LizTorodeTeddington Masters51Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.25
223SallySt ClairBCSLSC52Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.04
202CatherineHartleSwim Bournemouth57Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.06
214CarolynDoeN/A57Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.45.42
245PatriciaMouldingN/A56Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.30
226AnneCambridgeN/A57Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.55
227NormaDelanyPortsmouth Tri Club55Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.24
243RebeccaHindleyZoom Tri Club52Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.37
246CatherineSwindlehurstN/A54Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.26
228JoanneWatersTri Sport Epping52Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.04
264HellaLipperJohn Lewis Swimclub50Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.30.44
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
303AndrewHuckleWycombe District58Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.33
308RobKellawayEDOWSC53Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.05
316NeilNivenEDOWSC54Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.17
339AndreJasonN/A55Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.24
317AdrianRussellTewkesbury Tri Club50Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.57
323AndyClementsJust Swim51Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.45
340MarkVidesEDOWSC53Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.42
342StevenSadlerEDOWSC57Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.19.26
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
413NigelWoodsNewpot Pagnell Swim Club53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.23.53
407RichardLinesRingwood Seals51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.34.47
425DavidMortonHartham Masters51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.39.24
418KevynDoolanDavid Lloyd, Ringwood57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.39
439MichaelWalshEdinburgh Triathletes53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.25
432GaryGilesN/A52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.31
520RayBudynkiewiczEDOWSC58Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.44.39
419SimonEasterbrookeN/A53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.45.20
480DavidPerryShirley Swimming Pool Sea Dogs56Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.17
531NickFielderN/A56Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.32
498PeterMcgarianN/A57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.53
429GeorgeEastN/A54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.13
472PhilipHeathHartham Masters54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.28
456ChrisTurnerBuoys And Gulls Swimming51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.32
532DarrenNewmanSomerset Rc Tri50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.40
454PaulPocockN/A57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.16
533NigelOrmrodN/A51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.40
477GaryLightN/A50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.54
453PhilipNyeBranksome Chine SLSC58Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.09
440GaryBellfieldWarminster Swimming Club50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.17
444MarkGalliverN/A53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.44
487PhilipTibenhamN/A53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.03
502AndrewWoodhouseN/A53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.22
493JohnShawTriforce54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.20
465GuyBurtN/A50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.24
494JamesBachelorN/A52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.39
455DavidThompsonN/A57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.00
434AndrewNewburyN/A50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.10
422AlunJonesN/A57Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.21
427NickNormanEDOWSC51Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.47
515KeithCummingsN/A54Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.49
521JulianWardWimbledon Windmilers53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.49
525AlanWheelerN/A50Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.02
517PhilipPickeringNational Trust56Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.36
335AndyThurgoodN/A55Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.01
503DeanEatwellShirley Swimming Pool Sea Dogs55Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.20.33
526NeilLeacyN/A52Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.04
506GaryMatthewsN/A53Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)d.n.s
60yrs - 70yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 11
Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
113ChristineBrooksEastbourne Swimming Club62Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.58
143ValGreenwoodN/A62Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.57
150JeannieFarquharson-RobertsRoyal Navy Swimming Club62Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.13.10
147FionaBettlesSlsc/Serpentine Sc/Nemes Nutters61Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.35.20
Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)
255FrancesBlackDavid Lloyd60Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.31
Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)
327ParvizHabibiCosmic63Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.49
Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)
403BarryAdamsN/A60Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.09
431MartynFisherEDOWSC66Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.26
462WesBaldryEDOWSC65Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.16
466HaroldChadwickN/A69Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.29
468JohntyEdwardsEDOWSC69Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.37
14yrs - 30yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 3
Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)
14JohnHuntingtonBattleback29Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.33.03
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
3SamBallBranksome Chine Surf Life Saving Club14Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.48.57
4BethanyCassonN/A17Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.49.27
30yrs - 40yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 5
Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)
13TomFrancisBattleBack32Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.27.16
16JenniferO'brienClapham Chasers35Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)d.n.s
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
11HelenMaraisN/A39Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.16.38
1CharlieHepworthNorth Dorset Triathlon Club39Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.18.11
8HelenBarrettEDOWSC34Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.19.14
40yrs - 50yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 2
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
7MarkHutchinsonN/A47Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.57.25
10HannahEltonHOBOS42Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.23.37
50yrs - 60yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 1
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
260SueBrownN/A57Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.03.23
60yrs - 70yrs Age Group CategoryNumber of Swimmers in this Age Group = 1
Wetsuit (Half Dist)
9FrancesTurnerN/A60Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.19.56