Brownsea Swim 2019 – Results by Age Category

Swim NumberLast NameFirst NameOrg/clubAgeAge CatCategoryTimeAge Grp -& Cat PositionCategory Position
14 - 20 Age Group
210CooperPhoebe, n/ a1920Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.181st
222SamuelMillie Southbourne Surf Lifesaving Club1520Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.372nd
401GillAidan Rushmoor Royals SC1720Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.19.581st 2nd
20 - 30 Age Group
102VidesNaomi n/ a2520Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.191st 3rd
107MarshShona EDOWSC2820Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.492nd
121SymEmily BLGC, March Triathlon Club2420Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.433rd
242LovettSarah n/ a2920Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.34.181st
217HughesHarriet n/ a2920Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.032nd
211ConwaySophie n/ a2420Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.043rd
265BakerRosanna EDOWSC2520Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.214th
226SkinnerGrace n/ a2020Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.065th
309Eaton-PriceBen, Henley Open Water Swimming Club2720Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.121st
402GilesGuy Tri Training Harder2520Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.20.031st 3rd
517ThomasBen n/ a2720Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.022nd
523wellsDavid n/ a2820Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.04.333rd
30 - 40 Age Group
104MillsElizabeth EDOWSC/ Poole Swimming Club3930Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.591st 2nd
106PettaLuisa Branksome Chine SLSC3130Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.41.322nd
138PulfordJessie EDOWSC3230Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.46.433rd
112FowerakerKirstie EDOWSC3330Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.544th
129EastabrookCharlie SLSC3430Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.145th
124AlbertJess iSwim Brighton3930Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.09.196th
202LoughlinHannah n/ a3130Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.28.111st 2nd
225MorrisKatharine North Dorset Tri3830Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.012nd
215WilkinsonVicki n/ a3530Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.053rd
245HughesLouise Bicester Triathlon Club3830Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.354th
237DuckworthTaryn n/ a3130Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.245th
246GregoryAngela n/ a3930Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.326th
271BarnardClare EDOWSC3130Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.197th
234McDonaldIsabella Out to Swim3130Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.058th
243McCormickKaren n/ a3430Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.069th
283van AswegenLee-Anne n/ a3730Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.5310th
278CameronKatherine n/ a3930Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.16.0911th
279PrattleySarah n/ a3030Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.1012th
263MorrisKatherine n/ a3330Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.3613th
232DalladayFelicity EDOWSC3530Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.20.2414th
229MorrisPhilippa n/ a3430Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.22.1915th
270longhurstRowan Out to swim 3430Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.22.4116th
249SinkinsonRebecca n/ a3230Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.5817th
261MartinSarah Beyond The Blue3730Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.33.4518th
274CocksStephanie n/ a3030Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.34.0919th
303BennettNathan Weyport Swimmers3930Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.39.481st
333CorsieWilliam Poole Swimming Club3230Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.042nd
314McDowellEoin, EDOWSC3130Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.283rd
337BooteChris EDOWSC3130Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.444th
408HurfordAndrew FNSC3830Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.29.541st
471DaviesJack n/ a3630Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.34.272nd
502RushOliver n/ a3430Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.533rd
404JovanovichIvo n/ a3930Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.44.564th
445CullenCraig n/ a3730Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.45.005th
529van AswegenMyburgh n/ a3730Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.45.166th
475CarsonNeil n/ a3430Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.457th
513DunscombeAlistair n/ a3330Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.518th
416cloughrobert n/ a3930Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.429th
510WhitehornJulian n/ a3730Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.3210th
466GilvearJos n/ a3630Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.4111th
474de JagerWillem Thames Turbo Triathlon Club3430Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.4912th
24HannellLucy n/ a3730Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.57.241st 1st
3RobinsonSophie n/ a3130Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.01.231st 1st
16WhitehornJulia n/ a3430Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.06.522nd
8WoodElizabeth n/ a3330Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.13.193rd
40 - 50 Age Group
105DesmondJoanna Redditch Swimming Club4140Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.491st 1st
120MackayHannah Sea Gulls4040Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.242nd
115MellorCerian Henley Open Water Swimming Club4240Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.003rd
118LeightonClaire n/ a4740Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.594th
126TaylorCathy Godalming Goldfish4940Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.055th
127JefferyHannah Just Swim4140Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.026th
122AstonJulia Weyport swimmers4740Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.167th
137BanksSara COSTA4440Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.078th
117WittonGemma n/ a4140Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.239th
134scottClaire Beyond The Blue4240Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.1410th
114SpencerVanessa Beyond the Blue4840Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.13.1611th
111MeadMichelle n/ a4040Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.2912th
131BridleRachel Just Swim4240Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.16.5513th
136ThomasEleanor HOWS4240Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.20.1314th
139HobdenSheelaEDOWSC4240Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.20.3915th
135NauntonNicola Felixstowe Swimscapes4940Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.39.5316th
142GlazierAnna Harrogate Ladies Bathing Society 4640Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.51.1017th
203TarrElizabeth Teddington Masters4340Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.28.001st 1st
201YoungLucy Teddington Masters4540Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.31.372nd3rd
205WilkinsonVickie n/ a4540Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.143rd
275VoogdLorna TSCM4640Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.45.074th
214EdgarFay n/ a4340Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.235th
257vincentShelby n/ a4740Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.376th
212MaddockJulia Seadogs4140Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.377th
204NolderLouise n/ a4640Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.098th
254LucasCarolyn Marlborough Penguins4640Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.479th
223ReynoldsHayley n/ a4940Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.3410th
247RichardsonJen EDOWSC4440Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.1611th
258HagonLynda n/ a4840Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.5112th
244LeaskAnna n/ a4540Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.2513th
266Mary ShawLydia Godalming Goldfish4140Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.3514th
213CrinionRosemary EDOWSC4440Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.5215th
253MasonSamantha Southbourne Surf Life Saving 4840Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.0916th
235RudkinAmy n/ a4340Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.1117th
238MorrisAllison Rugby Triathlon Club 4540Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.2018th
240CameronKatherine n/ a4240Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.3319th
268BentClare EDOWSC4140Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.1920th
252SmithKate Petersfield Tri Club4640Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.11.5021st
224AustinRebecca Wawminster 4840Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.13.0422nd
264HoltSara n/ a4540Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.4023rd
250SmithGemma n/ a4140Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.4424th
251PooleCarla n/ a4040Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.19.5525th
207StouffsSoso Godalming Goldfish4440Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.20.4626th
282AbercrombieLouise n/ a4440Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.3927th
256Cremin-WilliamsKate EDOWSC4440Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.3628th
259FryEmma n/ a4740Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.5129th
233bancroftpaula n/ a4440Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.39.0030th
260stewartSusan n/ a4940Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.42.0031st
301WilkinsonOliver Gloucester Masters4440Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.20.151st 1st
302MilitisSimon n/ a4140Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.29.472nd2nd
307JarvisGary Redditch Swimming Club4640Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.403rd 3rd
310LockGraham Midsussex Marlins 4740Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.224th
322RawlingsBen n/ a4340Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.41.095th
308FooteEmile Leau's & Highs4640Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.44.076th
313SchielChristopher n/ a4540Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.567th
305mundayStuart The Walruses 4840Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.378th
326BoonAdam n/ a4540Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.029th
330BrantinghamRichard n/ a4040Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.2710th
331James JeffreyNicholas n/ a4340Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.5011th
332HawkwoodReuben n/ a4540Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.31.4112th
484HallGlen Reading Swimming Club4740Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.19.451st 1st
479AttfieldTony n/ a4340Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.22.222nd
424hoptonchristopher Camden Swiss4340Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.28.293rd
428HarrisRobin n/ a4440Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.29.314th
420PigottJonathan n/ a4140Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.31.455th
422PetersenChristopher North Dorset Tri4740Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.33.116th
415WoodDavid n/ a4040Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.33.347th
407cornickclint west dorset sc4240Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.34.118th
443BusbyPatrick n/ a4140Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.35.519th
406SmallSimon n/ a4740Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.36.1010th
461GilesRichard Petersfield Tri Club4640Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.37.2611th
412De LucaPaolo Zoom Tri4940Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.37.3512th
444KnightJohn, n/ a4740Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.4413th
437WemmsMatt Zoom Tri4640Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.39.1314th
488ScottPaul, Farnham Triathlon Club4740Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.0715th
447CluneAndrew n/ a4140Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.40.2916th
409BromleyCarl n/ a4840Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.2917th
413MansonNeil Zoom Tri4240Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.3918th
469UttonMichael, n/ a4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.46.3419th
481HendryDaniel Windrush Triathlon Club4140Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.1120th
470LynchKevin n/ a4640Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.1321st
520marleian n/ a4140Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.2722nd
431TorryMichael n/ a4640Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.0323rd
411RussellJames Comet Triathlon4740Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.3424th
494BinsleyIain North Dorset Tri4640Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.4025th
433WestwoodJim n/ a4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.5826th
514GreenallMatthew n/ a4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.2627th
458CourtneyRay n/ a4840Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.3528th
462SturmanMark n/ a4440Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.4229th
448PollardBarry n/ a4740Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.4730th
425PavlouPaul n/ a4240Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.3531st
489PorterMark n/ a4240Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.4032nd
525HubbardTim n/ a4440Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.4433rd
453RoscoeBen EDOWSC4340Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.3334th
473MorrisSteve North Dorset Tri4640Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.4235th
490JonesRob Zoom Tri4440Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.0636th
440CooperMartin n/ a4040Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.5337th
527DoggettRupert n/ a4440Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.3438th
521WhitelyBobby Kate Mason4940Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.4839th
456CHALKLEYJOHN n/ a4840Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.5040th
477HolmesTam n/ a4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.0241st
495ClemsonMike n/ a4740Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.04.3042nd
499ShearringLuke n/ a4040Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.4643rd
491JonesIan Southbourne Surf Lifesaving Club4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.5244th
449TwinningJason Southbourne Surf Life Saving 4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.0445th
501BeveridgeMark n/ a4940Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.2346th
515ShimellTom Cranleigh Masters4040Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.5647th
457WebbOliver EDOWSC4240Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.1948th
503FunnellJohn n/ a4640Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.4849th
468WhittleJulian n/ a4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.17.4250th
478GreenwoodJon Selkie4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.5551st
519willsJonathan n/ a4540Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.26.1552nd
460SamuelMark Southbourne Surf Lifesaving Club4840Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.27.2853rd
528CrakeMatt Pirate ship of fools4240Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.15.5154th
23kitchenerJoanne Hampshire Open Water Swimmers 4540Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.05.211st 3rd
25McCabeKirsty n/ a4540Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.17.132nd
2JonesLorna n/ a4440Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.02.051st 2nd
13DixonGareth n/ a4440Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.03.052nd3rd
7HannellAdrian n/ a4540Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.05.013rd
1HitchinAnnabel Guildford City Masters4840Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.05.104th
4CurleyGillian n/ a4740Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.08.555th
10BradfordJohn n/ a4340Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.10.166th
5BennettSophie BCSLSC4640Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.10.367th
12GennardEmma Tri204340Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.15.098th
50 - 60 Age Group
103TorodeLiz n/ a5650Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.44.481st
113DouglasSusan n/ a5650Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.222nd
108SimonsConsuelo Godalming Goldfish5350Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.033rd
116ClarkKaren n/ a5550Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.564th
110ReesKaren n/ a5350Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.375th
128LewisAnnie Weyport Swimmers5750Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.246th
125HawkinsAndrea, Weymouth Bay Sea Swimmers5550Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.17.187th
101CHAPMAN-SHEATHStephanie Hampshire open water swimmers5050Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.20.048th
133PeedellKaren n/ a5750Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.24.459th
130BennettMaxine n/ a5750Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.48.2110th
140BrownBarbara Harrogate Ladies Bathing Society 5550Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.13.5811th
206BradyAnne Sligo Masters Swim Club5150Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.041st
216ChungMichele Streamline Swims5550Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.402nd
219SynnottHelen n/ a5250Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.293rd
221ThorneSacha Winchester City Penguins5150Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.404th
267NippardKaye n/ a5350Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.095th
209TurnerBecky Branksome Chine SLSC5150Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.57.356th
231LavigneSara n/ a5250Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.387th
248GrayBernice Swim for Tri5750Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.478th
227DalrympleVirginia n/ a5650Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.01.569th
220DelanyNorma Portsmouth triathletes5950Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.0010th
255BalfourRebecca Godalming goldfish 5550Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.5411th
230KeenDiana n/ a5550Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.3812th
228MarshallPenny n/ a5850Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.07.4113th
236RandallZoe Portsmouth triathletes5350Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.0514th
273BakerAnne-Marie n/ a5150Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.23.1115th
281nicollKaren n/ a5550Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.26.5116th
280DenningAnne n/ a5750Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.40.4017th
276BellDebbie JLP swimming club5750Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.42.0018th
277ReaderJane n/ a5550Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.F2
304DINESRICHARD n/ a5550Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.38.491st
311ChristopherAshley n/ a5050Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.41.352nd
312LucasMark Godalming Goldfish5050Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.383rd
306NivenNeil PLOWS5850Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.024th
341FosterPeter n/ a5650Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.54.595th
319TrumanRobert Weyport Masters5250Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.56.326th
321ButcherGary Just Swim5550Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.167th
316SearRob n/ a5250Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.018th
334WilliamsIain n/ a5050Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.329th
338kerrSteve Dunstable Swimming Club5350Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.10.4610th
318SaundersStefan n/ a5550Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.13.4711th
340CroucherJason Beyond The Blue5050Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.21.5012th
329SimonsSteve Godalming Goldfish5450Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.26.1913th
403BirdFrank n/ a5550Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.20.511st
405GriffithsSimon Teddington Masters5250Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.23.382nd
414FieldMike Streamline Swims5250Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.30.473rd
417RichesSteven n/ a5550Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.32.254th
419LockyerMartin EDOWSC5250Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.37.185th
482PickeringDave n/ a5350Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.37.556th
418CaterPhillip Henley Open Water Swimming Club5050Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.39.277th
429EdwardsGareth n/ a5050Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.41.038th
450AdamsPaul n/ a5750Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.42.469th
432McCabeJohn n/ a5250Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.2210th
455DaviesNigel, n/ a5950Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.45.0311th
511John BucknallNicholas n/ a5150Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.45.5112th
434mowbrayaidan n/ a5050Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.46.4913th
442MuddimanGary n/ a5650Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.5614th
446THORNTONMARK North Dorset Tri5250Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.47.5915th
426McMenaminSteve iSwim Brighton5250Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.0616th
451Burfittmalcolm Henley Openwater Swim Club5050Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.2917th
438RoweMichael n/ a5150Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.48.3118th
441CooperGarry Britsh Triathlon Federation 5050Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.4419th
485PowisNick n/ a5150Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.5520th
421GilesGary Tri Training Harder5650Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.50.4221st
427HoweDarren n/ a5050Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.1922nd
506JULIAN STACEYMARK n/ a5050Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.52.5423rd
430NewburyAndrew n/ a5450Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.53.1024th
464TurnerChris n/ a5550Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.2425th
508KentDudley Salisbury Tri Club5250Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.59.5226th
518CravenCharles n/ a5650Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.05.2527th
505BennettSean n/ a5450Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.13.1128th
504TaylorNick n/ a5850Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.14.1729th
524SkinnerNeil n/ a5250Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.0130th
526JonesStephen n/ a5650Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.3031st
507FreemanGary MVH Triathlon Club5350Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.18.4932nd
459ClarkeIan n/ a5550Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.19.2433rd
486HandsKevin n/ a5750Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.20.5834th
26ShaklesMark PLOWS5550Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)0.59.541st 2nd
11kingKim Petersfield Tri Club5550Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.05.051st
15KingLiz EDOWSC5350Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.12.112nd
60 - 70 Age Group
109MasonKate Weyport Masters6060Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.501st
119LewisElaine Bournemouth Lifeguard Corps 6560Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.502nd
132McAulayAntoinette n/ a6060Ladies Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.25.063rd
218SmithSheila Felixstowe Swimscapes6260Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.58.561st
262MorrisCaroline n/ a6360Ladies Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.27.552nd
325JamesTim n/ a6460Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.15.151st
336SampsonPaul n/ a6460Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.09.362nd
342Scott-LloydGary FART6160Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)3.13.563rd
320SadlerSteven PLOWS6160Mens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)D.N.F3
423DoustDave n/ a6960Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.451st
476PaddingtonJohn Beckenham Masters6160Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.51.472nd
454SmithDerrick Felixstowe swimscapes6360Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.55.133rd
496CaballJames EDOWSC6460Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.154th
498HAWKINSPAUL n/ a6160Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.03.155th
500SmithGarrick n/ a6160Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.06.296th
27GreenJulie Shack Sharks6160Non Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.16.451st
14BakerLea n/ a6260Wetsuit (Half Dist)1.16.521st
70 - 80 Age Group
480WaddellPeter EDOWSC/ Poole Swimming Club7570Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.44.521st
465HolmanBob EDOWSC7470Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.49.582nd
497ShewryMartin n/ a7170Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.02.113rd
No DOB given
315TribouilloyHerve n/ aMens Non Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.08.15tba
436StephensonRichard n/ aMens Wetsuit (Full Dist)1.43.54tba
487OffordSimon n/ a0Mens Wetsuit (Full Dist)2.00.46tba